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BioJapan Yokohama

13- 15 October 2021 
Featuring a twinned exhibition, seminars, and a large-scale partnering platform expected to bring together over 900 companies seeking to forge new partnerships, BioJapan and Regenerative Medicine Japan attract a wide range of organizations from Japan and abroad every year. Participants in BioJapan focus on drug discovery, licensing, and R&D, whereas Regenerative Medicine Japan is a hub for all sorts of organizations working in the rapidly expanding field of Regenerative Medicine.

Besides a great number of universities, research organizations, and biotechs, almost every top pharma in Japan participates yearly in BioJapan´s partnering, making the event is well-poised as a venue for discovering new alliances with Japanese organizations. What´s more, as well as having free access to the exhibition, the venue is sited in a prime location just forty minutes from Tokyo´s Haneda airport.
The BioJapan will take place on 3 days from Wednesday, 13. October to Friday, 15. October 2021 in Yokohama.
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