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ENVEX 2022

DATE : 8-10 Jun Jun 2022
Venue Coex Hall A
At ENVEX2022, there will be about 250 participating companies from many countries, boasting its size of the event being held in one of the largest halls of 10,368sqm at COEX Hall A in Seoul. It is certain that the ENVEX2022 will show you advanced environmental technologies with great endeavors prepared by many participating companies. There will be also chances for you to gain information and ideas on the future of the green industry through seminars or conferences that have been arranged.
Through ENVEX2022, you would get opportunities in order to reach your business goal successfully in many ways through programs for international visitors with the invitation to our show such as B2B meeting, Exhibition Hall Tour, Site Visit, and Interpretation Service, which would become eye-opening and mind-broadening experiences for all of you.
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