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Taiwan Outdoor Show 2016

2016/10/14 - 2016/10/17
Organized by Chan Chao International Co., Ltd., Taiwan Outdoor Show 2016 will be staged on Oct.14-17, 2016 at Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) Exhibition Hall 1.


Exhibits Category

Outdoor Apparel Functional Fiber, Hat, Outdoor and Mountain climbing sports, accessories

Camping  Sleeping bags, Camping equipment, Tents, Outdoor- and Mountain equipment, Camping accessories, Outdoor- and Mountain garments, Outdoor apparel, travel and camping gear, flashlights and bottles, Outdoor- and Mountain climbing sports, accessories

Water Sport  Diving equipment, Water skis, Boats, Bathing and beach wear, Wet suits for divers, Water-skiing garments, Boating outfits, Maritime sportswear, Bathing shoes, Boating footwear, Swimming accessories, Diving accessories, Boat accessories

Bike Sport  Motor sport, accessories, Riding wear, Riding equipment, bicycle computer, bike frames and parts, bike accessories, bike athletic, bike care product, bike clothing
Outdoor Footwear

Riding boots, Outdoor and Mountain boots, Fishing boots, Golf shoes

Sports Fashion & Accessories

Outdoor Fashion, Golf equipment, Golf clothing, Golf accessories Casual shoes, Rucksacks and bags, Sports and sun glasses, Sports watches, Shoe accessories, Fashion

accessories, Hand warmer, Foot warmer, Cooling textiles, Headphones, Action cameras

Motocross clothing, Paragliding shoes, Aerial sports, accessories

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สถิติงานแสดงสินค้า 13,840 กระทู้  4,056 หัวข้อ
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