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Franchise Expo South 2022

SEPTEMBER 9-10 2022
Welcome to Franchise Expo South
Attend Franchise Expo South to network and connect with large, medium-size and emerging franchise brands.  Franchise Expo South brings together attendees, exhibitors, expert speakers and sponsors for information sharing, education, business development and fun!
Why is Miami and the surrounding area such an ideal location for starting a franchise?
  • The Miami metro area is by far the largest urban economy in Florida with a GDP of $344.9 billion.
  • Miami is the 3rd largest city on the East Coast and serves as the business center for many southern US and Latin American businesses. 
  • The Miami economy is estimated to grow 7.6% in 2021.  
  • Miami has a higher share of foreign-born residents than any other city in the world. Many of its residents are also well educated and multi-lingual -- at levels that few other cities can boast.
  • Personal income growth has averaged 5.8% in each of the last three years, with projections calling for annual growth rates of 5.6% over the next several years.

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