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March 3-5 ,2016 /Coex,Seoul

Franchise Seoul is a leading and large-scale exhibition in Korea for entrepreneurs, start-ups, global brands, business franchisors, and franchisees.

What can I find at Franchise Seoul?
  • Franchise Companies – Food and beverage, wholesale and retail, start-up solutions, store furnishings, and more!
  • Business Briefings – Presentations from franchise businesses for small audiences
  • Consultations – 1:1 consultations on legislation, start-ups, funding, and more
  • Franchisee Seminars – Group seminars led by successful franchisees
Where is Franchise Seoul?

Franchise Seoul takes place at the Coex Center in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul. The Coex Center is Korea’s largest and busiest location for events. The neighbourhood of Gangnam in Seoul is a lively and exciting district for both tourism and business.

Who organizes Franchise Seoul?

Franchise Seoul is organized by Coex Co., Ltd. Coex has over thirty years of experience in the domestic and international exhibition industry and a repertoire of over twenty five large-scale exhibitions organized in-house each year. Coex’s unrivalled expertise and international networks make our exhibitions a must-attend for any globally minded business looking to expand overseas.

For more information about Coex, please visit the website
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